Our Brand Promise – The Blind Centric Experience

How it began:

Over the years, we have dealt with major corporates, home buyers, home renovators, building contractors, developers, a vast array of clients, all with different needs and wants.

The one thing that we noticed is that once you are involved with a client and they are happy, you should do anything and everything in your power to keep them that way.

So at Blind centric, we love “Wowing” our clients with fast on the ball responses, whether its info, products, samples …etc that they need. Getting them what they want is key to getting repeat and ongoing business.

After being in the industry for about 5 years we noticed a trend, clients were calling asking if we can repair blinds, the same blinds that we had installed. Some were to replace slats where it was to swop the spare slat with the broken one, some to replace frayed strings, broken tilters, snapped chains, etc. This is where our “Brand Promise” was born.

Some clients were close, some not so close, but as we went around fixing some of these issues we were asked ” How much do we Owe you?” and in response, and also not knowing how much to charge for a R5 spare component, we would say “Dont worry about it.” Thats where the magic happened.

Our clients were so Happy and amazed that a Company would take the time to keep them happy and not charge for the after sales service that they started Referring us to everyone they knew. Word of mouth, Facebook posts, emails you name it. The referrals and good word spread.

We had now found our Niche and knew which direction to go…  So here it is, in writing and if you would like to put us to the test, Please give us a call.

Our Brand Promise and Lifetime Limited Warranty.

  • We promise to be of service and timely delivery of your products.
  • We stand by our products and will fix any issue free of charge as long as it can be fixed on site.                           Eg. Frayed strings, Tilters, swopping slats, chains, bottom weights… etc.
  • We will fix any product for the duration of its expected life time as long as you are the original owner. Most Products average lifespan is 8 to 10 years, some up to 15  / 20 years depending on the conditions they are in.
  • We promise to send any quotations out within 24hours or less unless otherwise stipulated when placing an enquiry.
  • Standard delivery times are 2 weeks for Blinds, 3 weeks for Aluminium Shutters, 4-6 weeks for Basswood and PVC Shutters, 3 weeks for Outdoor Products. Sandblast vinyl, up to 5 working days, on acceptance of any artwork submitted.
  • If stock is not available, you will be informed and a replacement color / item will be presented to you for your approval.

In conclusion,

Blind Centric has your best interests at heart, if we feel a product isnt the right match for what you require, we would rather not do the order. We put our name and reputation on the line every time we supply a new customer and want to be the “Go-To” Company in future for every client and their networks moving forward.

For all things Blinds, Shutters, Sandblast Vinyl and Retractable Awnings, feel free to give us a shout and lets see what we can do for you.