Roller Blinds

How do you know if roller blinds are the best option for your application if you haven’t ever used a roller blind?

Well the answer isnt a simple one. Firstly we would have to look at the window itself. What room its in, what is happening outside, is it road facing, sea facing, how much privacy you require, how much light must it block and so on.

Roller blinds have a few properties that alot of other blinds dont have, which makes them quite appealing to most people, hence the fact that they have become a popular favorite in recent years.

Roller blinds block the most light, making them idea for bedrooms and TV lounges where light, heat and glare reduction is required at times. They also have the least moving parts compared to other blinds which makes them almost maintenance free. They dont have horizontal surfaces for dust to collect on, making them appealing as they hardly need to be cleaned.

When it comes to windows where there is high traffic areas outside and you require privacy, you can choose from our range of shade weave roller blinds which provides heat and glare reduction and privacy while still keeping the views from outside. You can also bundle all these benefits into one with what is called a “Day / Night Blind” which is essentially a shade weave roller blinds and a block out blind on a single bracket giving you the best of both worlds. Shade weave for the day time and block out for night time.

So, the question is, Are roller blinds the best option for me?

9 times out of 10, the answer would be YES!!!