So, lets be honest… No one really knows how most businesses price out their work…

Many customers may not perceive the value in certain products and feel they are being overcharged.

We aim to eliminate that doubt.

A common question we receive is, “Are you the manufacturers?” The simple answer is “NO.” Ninety-five percent of Blind Companies in South Africa are not the manufacturers. To emphasize, they are “NOT THE MANUFACTURERS.” If they claim to be, you should request a site visit to see where your blinds are being produced. Chances are, they won’t be able to facilitate this.

In my opinion

Companies that present themselves as the original factory aim to deceive you into thinking you’re getting the best deal. In reality, they are no different from the rest—merely resellers, installers, or agents representing the actual factories.

Our Service and Value add.

Our value lies in the advice provided onsite, the precise measurements of custom-made products, and their meticulous installation. Should any of these areas be executed poorly, the service provider has not fulfilled their obligation to deliver quality service.

Back to pricing.

Regarding pricing, Blinds, Shutters, and Awnings are not typically calculated by square meter as often assumed. The pricing considers various factors such as components, material sizes, machine time, and labor costs, which are integrated into a grid system. As a general rule, the larger the item, the lower the cost per square meter becomes. It’s interesting to note that as the size increases, the price decreases, a rarity in many industries.

Additional factors that can increase costs include travel time or call-out fees, the height of the windows, and  any significant obstacles that may complicate the work.

A deeper look.

This is where it becomes complex. Many believe that using a local company saves on travel costs, which is partly true. However, inquiring with the contractor about the origin of the product can also be advantageous for you, the end user. Most products are manufactured in Johannesburg or Cape Town, with only a few made in Durban. Consider this: if you hire a local contractor who chooses to purchase from a manufacturer based in Cape Town, guess who’s responsible for the freight charges? Moreover, should anything go wrong with the product, it could delay warranty claims or increase costs related to spare parts or necessary modifications.

Average or ideal windows, as they are often termed, fetch a standard or ideal price.

These are “easy” windows, easy to reach, easy to fit, easy to measure … Pricing for these windows typically equates to the Factory List Price, also known as the Suggested Retail Price, plus an installation fee of R100 to R200 per blind. Reputable companies add VAT on top of this. Those not registered for VAT may still include it in their pricing to maintain their profit margins, but it won’t be itemized on the invoice. If a provider is about 15% cheaper, it could indicate that they may not be in business long enough for you to utilize your warranty or be able to contact them in the future should you require additional products.

The term ‘high or risky windows’ is quite clear, as it implies the need for extension ladders or scaffolding, along with the associated risks for the installers. Reputable companies will have comprehensive insurance and coverage to protect both you and themselves in the event of an incident.

How relevant is it to use a Local Company?

Call-out fees, or travel costs, are common expenses. Most companies will charge a base price of at least R400 per installation to cover petrol and travel costs. However, if the service is just down the road, this could mean being significantly overcharged. The AA rates for 2024 are R4.84 per km, which equates to an 82 km round trip or a 41 km radius—approximately the distance from Durban to Ballito or Durban to Amanzimtoti. This raises the question of the relevance of using a “Local Company.”

At Blind Centric, we prefer to keep things straightforward and transparent. We’re here to inform our clients and ensure you’re well-informed.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.

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