The Ultimate Guide to Panel Blinds: What to Know Before Buying

In this article we will scrutinize Panel blinds, we will give you the low down of what to expect, what to look for and what to watch out for…

Panel Blinds are a relatively new type of blind on the market, when you compare them to say Venetian Blinds. Being around for over a decade though, you would think these blinds would have slightly more to offer.

The idea isnt a bad one, sliding panels that stack up similar to a sliding door. You, as the client, get to choose from fabrics to how many panels you’d like, to stacking and control options… adding a pelmet to me also finishes these blinds off nicely.

So what are the up sides and downsides of these blinds?

Size does matter…

Panel blinds are made for large windows or doors, they do look strange when they are made in smaller formats as they resemble vertical blinds, but with much wider panels. So the down side to these blinds is that you cant tilt them to regulate light, they are either open or closed and if open, everyone can see into the room so be careful as to what type of window or door you use them on or how much privacy you really need in that area.

The controls…

The other issue I’ve had with these blinds is the design of the controls, depending on the type of fitment, the manual control can be a bit hard to pull along, and can also cause the track to unclip fairly easy if not handled correctly. In my opinion, this is a design issue and can be found in pretty much all the brands. We always advise our clients to use a motor for these blinds, not only is it more convenient but will give you less hassle throughout its life.

Color and fabric options…

The fabrics options for these blinds are similar to roller blinds, bamboo panels can also be made and alternating colors adds a bit more depth and variety to these blinds. One manufacturer even goes as far as adding alternating strips within each panel. They aren’t bad, but in my opinion, you can see its a “Make a Plan” solution and isn’t finished off as well as it should be, also factoring in the cost, you’d expect a lot more ‘Bang’ for your Buck.

How many Panels should there be?

When it comes to the number of panels used in a particular size blind, it can be tricky. Depending on the width of the blind and how much space you have for the stacking of the panels, needs to be factored into how many panels is used. For me, 5 is always a good number, as it keeps the panels smaller, it also keeps it looking symmetrical, with a middle panel, and 2 panels on either side. 4 panels starts looking odd and 3, the panels are way to big, but again depending on the size of the opening and how OCD you as the end user are. LOL.

Hassle free?

These blinds are fairly trouble free, but again, being slow and gentle with them will always help with their longevity. They are easy to clean, panels are removable, if you find it easier to clean, laying them down on a flat table, otherwise cleaning them while hanging is always a better idea to me. Parts are available and can be replaced on site.

For any other concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me on my cell: 082 301 2445 or one of our sales consultants on 031 109 4767.